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In this update we’ve added more features to improve your experience with X-Tactics!


・Added Mission Information Feature.
・Added X-Coin Revive Feature.
・Improved the Mail Box.


・Command Center related bugs

** NOTES **

Mission Information allows the player to know more about the mission before entering the mission. Press the “?” in the briefing menu before entering a mission to show the Mission Information.
The X-Coin Revive is the option for players to use their X-Coins to revive fallen agents during those extra difficult missions.


Agents, we’ve intercepted a distress signal originating from the same area as the original Roswell UFO Incident, where we made first contact with Agent Goicci. We suspect intruders have infiltrated the area in search of alient technology. Prep a team and investigate the area for any suspicous activity and all remnants of the original crash if found.

– Sr. Agent Soo-Kuh-Loss

[Event Details]
The Roswell Event event missions can be found in “Today’s Missions”. By completing the missions you’ll be able to earn items, X-Coins, as well as skill points for your leader.


・Added “The Roswell Incident” event in “Today’s Missions”
・Fixed bugs in “The Guardian of Paris” event missions
・Fixed bugs in Story, GPS and Special missions
・Improved English story dialogue

** NOTES **

・Thanks to valuable player feedback, we were able to identify and fix some severe imbalances in the 4th mission of the “Life of a Ninja” event. If you haven’t cleared the mission yet, please give it another try.


・Added Special missions of Goicci, Adam, Nikita, Alice, Astrid, Lazarus.
( reward agents skill 3 unlock )

=== How to ===
1.View and upgrade character skills from the “Today’s Mission” menu.
2.Clear “The Beginning” Mission.
3.New missions available for level 20 and up characters. When a character’s special mission is completed, their third Attack skill will unlock. *There are missions for unreleased characters.

[Other updates]
・New story missions ( Jeanne, Haruka, Sophia )

・”Command Center” bug fix

e57cb4c4-1c6b-11e6-9db4-60bd17b452c7VERSION UPDATES 1.7.5

・Added new Daily Challenges
・Fixed Command Center issues
・Fixed login bonus issues


Calling all available agents! Our city has been overrun! Our forces have been decimated and we are in need of immediate assistance! The situation has become far worse than what we ever could have imagined. Flying beast that once looked over our city are attacking from the skies, and the dead have arisen from the subways. There isn’t much time before we are overwhelmed, so please, if you are reading this, send help as soon as possible!

– Agent Jeanne

[Event Details]

The Guardian of Paris event missions can be found in “Today’s Missions”. During the event you will be able to play with agent Jeanne on your team. By completing the missions you’ll be able to earn agent skill points for your leader as well as X-Coins. After completing the event you will also unlock Jeanne’s altermode “Knight Jeanne”.


・Added “City of Flames” event in “Today’s Missions”
・Added new premium agent Jeanne
・Added Jeanne’s altermode “Knight Jeanne”

** OTHER **

・Increased the chance to receive X-Coin for free.

New Agent: Jeanne


A natural born genius with a strong sense of duty, Jeanne graduated from the national police academy at the age of 18 and began a career in law enforcement. As she rose through the ranks her colleagues began referring to her as Jeanne d’Arc for her courageousness, conviction, and the fact that her weapon of choice is a flame thrower. It was not long before she was noticed by the X-12 who recruited her to handle “special” cases around her city.


[How to unlock]

・To unlock Jeanne, purchase her first mission under “Get more missions” in the “Mission Files” section. (※To purchase her you will require X-Coin)
・Once clearing the first mission of Jeanne after purchase, Jeanne will be unlocked.

Server Update

Players who have already cleared said missions will not be able to retroactively claim the rewards. However, compensation of equal value will be provided in the near future. We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and ask for your understanding.

 – X-Tactics Team





Agents! X-12 Agent Fuma has been taken into captivity by a band of ninjas. This is a threat to the organisation’s integrity which requires immediate action. We’ve been able to localize the Ninjas’ base of operations and have prepared a drop zone nearby. Find the ones responsible and eliminate them ASAP. We’re also assigning a former member of the Iga ninja clan to accompany you. Be sure to utilize her expertise concerning ninja tactics as well as her deadly fighting abilities.

– Sr. Agent Kipagami

[Event Details]

Life of a Ninja event missions can be found in “Today’s Missions”. In the event you will be able to play with both Haruka and Fuma, you’ll also be able to obtain agent skill points through these special missions. More missions will be added in the next update.

New Agent: Haruka Hanzo


Trained to be one of the most deadly assassins in the world. Haruka was slated to take over as matriarch of her ninja clan. However, she fell in love with a ninja from the mortal enemies of the Iga Clan, the Fuma Clan. Considered a traitor and marked for death, she fled with Kouta. She now works with the X-12 in hopes of finally escaping the reach of her former clan.


[How to unlock Haruka]

・Haruka’s first arc mission will appear after clearing the “Don in Distress” mission in the “Life of Ninja” event.
・Unlock Haruka as a usable character after clearing her first mission arc.

welcometothejunglebannerEVENT: WELCOME TO THE JUNGLE

Pack your bag Agents, a new species of man eating plants have been spotted, and are spreading in the Amazon Jungle. This pollen has been said to increase the intelligence of animals and other “things”. Normally this would be an incredible discovery, however, these awoken creatures are under control and being used to pollinate and spread these predatory plants. All non-human agents are advised to proceed with caution. To aid your mission we’ve contacted Sophia Philitas who will join you on your trip. She knows the jungle better than most of us and will surely be of help. Remember, Ms Philitas is not an X12 agent and should not gain any more information about us than she needs. Follow her lead, but don’t let her take charge. Also beware of her dangerous companion. Do not let it interfere with our operations. Over and out.

– Sr, Agent. A, Brazilia

[Event Details]
The Welcome to the Jungle event missions can be found under “Today’s Missions”. You’ll be able to obtain agent skill points through these special missions fighting alongside Sophia Philitas and Ku-Ku who will be guests. More missions will be added weekly.

New Agent: Sophia Philitas

Sophia is a world renowned librarian who has traveled the world studying all things occult and restoring magical ancient texts. During her travels she discovered and is now the host of a powerful primordial symbiotic entity known only as Bookworm.


[How to unlock]
・To unlock Sophia, purchase her first mission under “Get more missions” in the “Mission Files” section. (※To purchase her you will require X-Coin)
・Once clearing the first mission of sophia after purchase, Sophia will be unlocked.


*** UPDATES ***

・Added “Welcome to the Jungle” event in “Today’s Missions”.
・Added new premium agent Sophia Philitas to the game.
・Added new ALTER MODE Safari Sophia to the game.

*** NOTES ***

・To unlock Sophia, purchase her first mission under “Get more missions” in the “Mission Files” section. (※To purchase her you will require X-Coin)
・”Safari Sophia”, Sophia Philitas ALTER MODE, can be unlocked by completing a specific “Welcome to the Jungle” mission.
・More Sophia Philitas story missions will be added in future updates.

Server Update

We’ve identified and fixed a server issue that caused players to receive an incorrect amount of X-Coin and in-game cash after purchasing the X-Tactics Starter Pack.  For those affected, we will be compensating your missing X-Coin and Cash shortly. Please be sure to check your Mail Box.

We apologize for any inconvenience and hope you are looking forward to our next update which will includes a new event and a brand new agent!

 – X-Tactics Team

Previous Events

aprilfoolsbanner EVENT: APRIL FOOLS REVENGE!

The birds and the bees aren’t the only ones busy this spring. Something is awry at the X-12 facilities that just doesn’t seem right! We’ve spotted multiple monsters from past events wandering our halls causing a complete disaster. This must be some cruel joke! Get to the bottom of this or we’ll be overrun before we know it.
Stay alert and don’t let them make fools out of you!

                                                                                                Sr. Agent G.Chaucer


2016/4/1  ~  2016/4/8

[Limited Campaign]

Alice GPS mission encounter rate will be raise 50% until the end of the event.


Introducing our new in-game currency, X-Coin(Cross-Coin)! X-Coin is a form of Private-chain Cryptocurrency originally used by the X-12 organization worldwide to stay under the radar and now it is available for all agents to utilize. We’ll sure you’ll find a good use for it. Check here for more details on X-Coin.
Check it out here!


Something is out of place at the X-12 facilities. We’ve spotted some “old” friends of ours wandering around the agency looking for a fight. Get ready to rumble because we’ve prepared challenging new missions and an new Alter Mode to keep from being made a fool of!

Issue and Apology

During the update and release of the new X-Coin (cross-coin) system on April 1st, due to an update issue, some players received 2 or mail in-game mails that mentioned 30XC gifts. However we would like to clarify that all players, including the ones with multiple in-game mails received 30XC. If you are one of the players that received multiple in-game mails, please disregard the extra copies.
Sorry for the confusion, and good luck Agents

– The X-Tactics Crew


Fixed Gala Nikita assist skill. We recommend you update X-Tactics from the Google Play Store.


Event: Easter Hunt

Good day. Spring’s finally here, but don’t get too comfy. We’ve received word of a mysterious outbreak of ravenous lagomorphs. There’s also been word of monolithic statues appearing alongside the lagomorphic cryptids. Your mission is to contain infested areas and to find a possible link between the out of control cryptids and the stone statues. Your targets are said to be twice as deadly as the average spooks you run into, so proceed with extreme caution, and never leave your guard down.
See you on the field, Agent.

– Sr.Agent E.Pasch

[Event Details]
Easter Hunt event missions can be found in “Today’s Missions”. You’ll be able to obtain limited easter hunt items, as well as agent skill points through these special missions. Lazarus ALTER MODES can be unlocked by completing specific Easter Hunt missions.

2016/3/18 ~ 


Boost Roulette


A special “Boost Roulette” activates when some enemies are defeated.
Use it to add bonus boosts to your crew for the current mission!

Enemy Counter Barriersphotojoiner

Some enemies now have blue Counter Barriers when attacked.
Be careful! If you touch the Counter Barrier the enemy will counterattack your Agent.

Event: Skynet Genisysbanner_website_skynet

Agents, a distress call has been sent from the middle-east. A cybernetic malware virus has affected Skynet and is spreading. Technical equipment that gets in contact with it goes haywire within minutes. Originally the network was put into place to make sure that the truth didn’t get into the wrong hands, however, it has now been compromised. Our organization has been requested to get rid of it before it spreads any further. Should you accept this mission, you better pack lightly as the area is hot with no signs of rain. Also, be mindful of the virus as it can affect your equipment, good luck.

– Sr. Agent J.Connor

[Event Details]
Skynet Genesis event mission can be found in “Today’s Mission”. You’ll be able to obtain agent skill points through these special missions. You’ll also fight along side with Fuma, Rei, Ku-ku, Alice, and Lazarus as allies.
More missions will be added weekly

2016/3/4 ~ 2016/4/1


Max level has been raised to 30
Lazarus Skill: Kneel Down
*** OTHER ***
・Changed mission and combat UI.
・Added agent PvP dialogue.
・Added monster skill sound effects.
・Bug fixes.



Event: Valentine Fever

We have a special mission for you this February. Your orders are to save Valentines Day! Love is in danger. We have reports of chocolate monsters, cacao monsters, and even Aztecan beasts running amok all over the world. There are thousands of reports flooding in ranging from mysterious food poisoning to mass kidnappings. If something isn’t done soon, there is a high possibility of Valentine’s day being cancel to protect the truth. Investigate and get to the bottom of these cases. I leave the fate of love in your hands.

– Sr. Agent Cytherea



Event: Cross Files

We have received a request to work with a separate agency that deals with cases involving urban legends and extraterrestrial biological entities(EBE’s). Your orders are to cooperate with said agency’s operatives in the field. They have handled these “special” cases for much longer than you and will prove to be dependable allies in the future.

– Sr. Agent, C. Morley

[Event Details]
Cross Files event missions can be found in “Today’s Mission”. You’ll be able to obtain agent skill points by completing these special missions. You’ll also encounter two new allies along in the field. Good luck out there, Agents!

More missions will be added weekly

2016/1/29 ~



Event: New Year Shootout

Hello Agents, this has been one busy
year for X-12 and all it’s branches. Really
would like to give you guys some vacations,
but as usual there have reports of
anomalies in your area.

It has been reported that Nikita and Astrid’s
party dresses have been stolen by some
sort of new monsters that we don’t have on
record yet.

Your mission, of course, is to recover the
stolen assets, and investigate these new

Oh and by the way, Happy New Year, a
bit early, but I’ll be off on a special mission
to Maldive.

Best of luck Agents,

– Sr. Agent, M. Chandon

[Event Details]
New Year’s Shootout event missions can be found in “Today’s Missions”. You’ll be able to obtain limited new year items, as well as agent skill points through these special missions. Astrid and Nikita’s ALTER MODES can be unlocked by completing specific New Year’s Shootout missions.
For more information on the new ALTER MODE feature, check here.

There are entry fees for New Year’s Shootout missions.

2015/12/28  ~  2016/1/31

[Limited New year item]
・lucky monkey

A Lucky Monkey for 2016! Improves your combat piercing
・new year X-Champagne
Cheerfully Increase Support Range, and Health. However oddly Defense goes down a bit

X-MAS TACTICS Event: X-mas Rumble

There have been multiple reports of
creatures infiltrating public spaces and
attacking holiday revellers, causing
complete disorder and ruining the
holiday spirit. This is directly interfering

with X-12 holiday operations!

Your mission should you choose to accept
it is intercept and stop these creatures
from ruining the holiday season using any
means possible. If you complete your
mission your agents’ appearances and
skills may undergo a sudden
May your X-Mas missions be successful.

– Sr. Agent, K. Kringle

[Event Details]
X-Mas Rumble event missions can found in “Today’s Missions”. You’ll be able to obtain holiday season only X-Mas items, as well as agent skill points through these special missions. Goicci and Adam’s ALTER MODES can be unlocked by completing specific X-Mas Rumble missions.
For more information on the new ALTER MODE feature, check here.

12/14 (Day), 12:00 AM – 12/28 (Day), 12:00 AM (UTC)

[X-Mas Rumble]
There are entry fees for X-Mas Rumble missions.

[Limited X-Mas Items]
・Gingerbread M.I.B

・X-Mas Chicken
・X-Mas Reef

[Items and Skill Points]
Items and skill points can be obtained at random intervals after cleaning X-Mas Rumble missions. There is no limit on the amount of skill points and items you can obtain during the event.
The skill points you obtain will be assigned to the agent set as team leader.

The duration of the event and item content may change unannounced.

In-game cash can now be purchased at the X-Change Center. Get a great rate with the limited offer Start Dash!


・Additional GPS missions with updates to previously featured missions
・Increased encounter rate for Alice and Lazarus GPS missions
・Fuma will appear in GPS missions!

Thanks for playing X-Tactics!


December has come and with it all the joys of the holiday season. However, intelligence indicates attacks from evil forces threatening to ruin the holiday cheer. To combat these new threats, we have approved of and are currently preparing new “X-Mas” themed agent costumes, items, and missions to keep you busy during the the holidays.

Stay tuned for more instructions. Happy holidays, agents.

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